Vietnam (Cath & Jing)

Vietnam (Cath & Jing), March 2020
Oils on stretched canvas,
56cm x 72 cm x 1.5cm
Not for sale

Did I mention I went cycling in Vietnam for two weeks last year with a wonderful bunch of women? See the photo. Of course I did, I popped it into every conversation at every opportunity wherever appropriate or not (aside to self: why do you do that? Examine your motives, Simone??)
Anyway, it was wonderful. What’s not to love about the company of friends, the friendly Vietnamese people , fantastic food, great coffee, cycling for a couple of hours through spectacular countryside with just enough hills, humidity, heat and distance to make it all a bit, but not too challenging, and then repeating (with the addition of beer at the end of each day). Even better, not having to organise anything yourself. (Ashley Carruthers, great business plan by the way).
So to the painting. It’s a painting about love: love of eating; of avocado thick shakes and other indulgences; of cycling; of travel and experiencing new things; of good company and of blue and green paint on a canvas. But most of all it’s a painting about finding and celebrating love. And it’s a present for Jing and Cath.
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