Taylor to Black

Taylor to Black, September 2022
Oils on canvas
121cm x 95cm x 2cm

One of my dilemmas with this Trig Point project is deciding what to paint. I often have multiple ideas from one journey (and many Trig Points still left to paint). A view from the summit is lovely, as is a detail from the journey itself, or a view from below looking up at where you are about to go or have just been. So many possibilities.

For example, I have a fondness for the view of Mount Taylor, from Tuggeranong Parkway. However, I decided to go with this view as it required me walking up the Mountain, rather than sitting in my car. Getting out of the car is a self-imposed requirement after all.
This is the view from about three quarters of the way up towards Black Mountain.  I like seeing Black Mountain and the Lake from a less known (to me) viewpoint. From a visual perspective, I like the definiteness of the line formed by the steep downhill of the track.

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