SW from Mount Rodgers

SW from Mt Rodgers, November 2022
Mixed media on plywood panel
60cm x 45cm x 2 cm 

Mount Rodgers is another suburban Trig Point that I had never visited, but always meant too. I say this as I’m often in the area delivering used and abused bicycles for repair to our technician, Chris.
I’m normally hurrying along, bustling in and out of the car, feeling as though I’ve got too much to do to stop and look around. This is silly because often my busyness is manufactured by my own need to feel useful, rather than actually being busy.
On this beautiful and still morning, I made myself slow down, and change the pace, to walk up to the Trig Point.
I liked the view southwest toward the Brindabellas. This small and pointless, Namatjira-like, interpretation of the view was effortless, compared to the painting I abandoned on the board underneath.  As effortless, pointless and meditative as stopping to walk up the hill. 
The brush strokes on the tree and the mauve/blue of the Brindy’s really appeal to my visual sensibility.

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