Bruce Ridge

Bruce Ridge, January 2023
Mixed media on canvas
76cm x 76cm x 4cm

I frequently run or ride around Bruce Ridge. I am always ridiculously smug with myself when I manage to continue to run until the top of the hill next to the caravan park.
It’s not that physically hard to do, but I must grit my teeth and not give up halfway up as the run gets steeper near the top. Mostly now days, I’m too mentally lazy for that caper.
A favourite view of mine is from the fire trail above the caravan park looking through the trees over to Black Mountain. It’s not a particularly special view but as I’m taking it easy, recovering from my effort, I will look over in that direction and notice the blue grey and mauve tones of the gum trees.
A friend of mine, once told me that she found that area around the caravan park creepy and avoided it. I don’t know what she’s talking about. I’ve never felt that myself.

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