Mount Ainslie View

Mount Ainslie View, January 2022
Oil on canvas board
51cm x 41cm x 0.3cm

The view of yet another view of Black Mountain, is the one I like best from the summit of Mount Ainslie.
My daughter and our two Great Danes accompanied me up the track on this walk. I prefer this view to the other, better known one looking across the Lake, down Anzac Parade to Parliament house, as this view covers the streets of the Inner North that I know best. If I look in this direction, I can pick out the general location of houses where I have lived, where my dad worked for 30 years, where I went to university and the streets that I still walk down.
While a lot about the area has changed over the years, I like how the bigger picture, the layout of the streets, the Lake and the Brindy’s in the background look the same and give structure to the view. It allows me to reflect, without negativity, on impermanence and the way that time works to change everything and nothing.

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