Self Portrait with dogs. And Smoke.

Self Portrait with dogs. And smoke. February 2020
Oil on canvas, 
75 cm x 102 cm x 4cm
Not for sale

I’m a person who loves words, as well as images. When, in the wee small hours I can’t sleep, I often amuse myself by trying to translate (for myself) the image that I’m currently painting into words. Sometimes also the ideas start with the words, become images and then becomes words again…but I digress. Sometimes the words rolling around in my head are a long and pretentious ‘statement of intent’. And sometimes it’s just a title or a phrase which sums up what I think I’m trying to do. I like to try to be succinct.
For example, this painting started with ‘Love in the time of Cholera’ (a great title from a favourite book), changed to ‘Love in the time of Climate Change’, then ‘Love in the time of Climate Inaction’, followed by ‘Love in the time of Corona’ or ‘Love in the time of Climate Inaction and Corona’……Now it’s gone back to ‘Self portrait with dogs. And smoke’.
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