Black Mountain Run

Black Mountain Run. August 2020
Oil canvas, 
77cm x 102cm x 4cm
Not for Sale

Today was a great day. Kim and I did the Sri Chinmoy off road Duathlon around Black Mountain in the morning and this afternoon I finished a Black Mountain painting. This painting is Kim’s birthday present. Better late than never.
If you look carefully you’ll see Kim and I disappearing off into the distance. We run a lot together around this area (well, Kim loops back to me every now and again) and this bit is one of Kim’s favourite spots as it’s an old road where the track follows the contours of the land and makes for a lovely more gently undulating part of what is otherwise a fairly hilly run.
Not much to say about this painting, except that it’s also an allegory for our life’s journey together. A few potholes, steep climbs and today, deep puddles along the way, but also full of wonder, beauty, love, exciting descents and gentle winding bits as well.
Unlike in Green-day’s ‘Boulevard of Broken dreams’ song that Kim has been humming a lot recently, (because of the virus), I don’t feel ‘I walk a lonely road’. It’s more like the Triffid’s ‘Long Winding road’ for those musically inclined (actually because we had a bit of a disco with the kids last night which included those songs and they are stuck in my head).
I’ve included lots of photos showing this painting at different stages so those interested can see how the painting developed over time.

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