The Fish Shop

The Fish shop, July 2019
Oils on stretched canvas, 
Size unknown
Not for sale

This is a view of Bellreive in Tasmania looking back towards Mt Wellington. My partner’s parents live in Bellreive, just a street or two back from the cricket ground. I have walked this way towards the point many times, every time I visit. I’ve been struck on many occasions by the beauty of the backdrop – low, crisp, winter light, the beach and mountain. I’m also struck by how the buildings mirror the layers of history of the migration from North to South, to the southern tip, beyond which lies Antarctica. There’s the old pitched roofs of the stone cottages of early settlers and old weatherboards from the late 1800’s to the 1950’s, the red brick ’60’s flats and the Hellenic feel of the Fish Shop itself. I also like the way the road is layered and patched adding an interesting texture and tone. 

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