Bruce Ridge

Bruce Ridge, November 2020
Oil on canvas
77cm X 102 cm x1.5cm

Bruce Ridge. I went for a ride the other day and came across this lovely vista about 5 minutes from our house, between Dryandra St and the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport for non local friends. AIS is a cultural institution on it’s way out, but still of great significance to some). This area of Bruce looked really quite picturesque in a sleepy, hazy, lazy, late Spring/ early Summer, afternoonish, paddocky kind of way. This spot normally looks more scrappy and in keeping with it’s previous, historical but relatively recent past: ex landfill; ex sheep drenching station; ex quarry; used and abused and then left to improve and ‘rewild’, to use modern terminology. Now a much loved area of recreational bushland between the Inner North and Belconnen, used for mountain biking, running, dog walking and mucking about building forts, cubby houses and alike. Part of what makes Canberra a great place to live.  Bruce Ridge probably adds value to property prices, being so close to the city, (although not if it’s a bush fire season like last year…..).

Rain is great for the landscape, essential for growth. Especially for weeds. But a weed is just a plant in the wrong place, right? ‘Patterson’s Curse’ (the purple flower pictured non Aussie friends), also known as ‘Salvation Jane’ being an excellent demonstration of this point. Like so many things, a curse or a godsend depending on your perspective. I know I’ve said it before, but it’s always good to be able to see things from a number of perspectives.

But doesn’t the purple look nice against the yellow weed, whatever that is? Does anyone know? It looks weed like. Oh the irony of it all! But I do love Bruce Ridge. 


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