Crossroad, January 2021
Oil on canvas,
62cm x 92cm x 1.5cm

No 1 son’s first word as he pointed to the world outside was ‘gar’ (I think daughter said ‘dad’ and No 2 son said ‘dog’, but I could be making it up because having three children under four was slightly traumatic and a bit of a blur once Kim and I were outnumbered).
And now this son is at a crossroad, an intersection between boyhood and being a young man. Like many of his friends, he seems to view driving as a rite of passage and is putting some effort into learn to drive. He is now more interested in cars than his bike, but as he re reminds me for the fourth time, he always liked cars and the boys did spent a good deal of time playing monster trucks in the dust before they could even ride a bike. He is chaffing at the bit to put pedal to the metal, both metaphorically and literally. And it is apt that the ‘gar’ is the metaphoric vehicle for the move from the known to the unknown future. Or at least across Northbourne Avenue. Let’s hope the future is not too cloudy. Strap your seat belt up, we could be in for a bumpy ride.

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