Trig Point

Trig Point, April 2022
Mixed media on canvas
99cm x 99cm x 2cm

Trig Points mark the highest place on a hill or mountain. There is over 100 Trig Points in the ACT. Runners and hikers sometimes ‘collect’ trig points.
I’ve always thought that Trig Points look rather incongruous and at odds with the surroundings, like strange alien invaders. That’s how the Trig Point looks in this painting and perhaps what it is symbolic of. Trig points to me suggest both conquest over the land or over a subliminal journey, when the pinnacle is reached, and an obstacle is summited. This is both literal, metaphoric, and problematic for the environment (or the mind) which is being thus sublimated. While the Trig point in the painting is based on a real Trig Point, the landscape is more ambiguous. Perhaps a landscape of the mind, it is a landscape which is layered with meaning which may not be within our understanding (and therefore cannot be conquered, even if it is occupied). The landscape depicted in this painting is scared by many things: fire, people, and the passage of time.

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