Into the light

Into the light, August 2022
Mixed media on canvas
92cm x 122cm x 2cm

The subject of this painting is the start of a walk, in the suburbs, close to home. So close to home in fact, that it is personal, the start of a journey of the mind, my mind. This painting is about placing oneself in an emotional state where making a conscious decision to act with compassion for oneself and others is possible.
This is both an act of will, of love and a process of taking power back. It requires both physical action IRL and dedication, symbolised  perhaps by the start of footpath and the anticipated process of walking. That I am painting from the perspective of myself as walker, is also meant to encourage you, the viewer, to take this path. The depiction of the parallel paths going towards the light also signifies that:
a) there is a choice in direction taken; 
b) there is more than one pathway towards the light;
c) and that taking this direction to look toward the light requires actively seeking out the beauty in the everyday and all that is good in people and our surroundings.

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