Hardcourt Hill to One Tree Hill

Hardcourt Hill to One Tree Hill, December 2022
Oil on canvas
90cm x 61cm x 2cm

The track up One Tree Hill is part of the Centenary Trail, a 145km walking/cycling trail around Canberra.
It’s a section that I’ve run and cycled a few times and it’s a lovely bit of track with some great views back toward Canberra.
However, I love the look of the One Tree Hill ridge line. It gives me a feeling of calm and well-being when I look at it. Meditative in fact.
I have roamed all around Gungahlin looking for a good vantage point to capture this view. Finally, I found what I was looking for from another of the Trig Points on top of Harcourt Hill. 
This should not have been a surprise as Trig Points are often visible from other nearby Trig Points. That after all is the point of a Trig Point.

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