Murrumbidgee in flood, Shepherds Lookout

Murrumbidgee in flood, Shepherds, November 2022
Mixed media on canvas
92cm x 122cm x 2cm

I went looking for a Trig Point (it was close by, but not publicly accessible) and ended up instead at Shepheard’s lookout, Woodstock Reserve. Given this location, near Gininderry, I thought I would paint this view (and include it in this exhibition anyway).
Recently, I saw a painting of the same view in the 1920’s. Surprisingly, there is significantly more trees around now, in this view, than there was then. Unsurprisingly, there are more little tracks and pathways crisscrossing the landscape. 
This is the first time I’ve seen the river being quite this wide and wild looking. The river is normally quieter and more sedate around here.
I really love the view further along from this point if you are heading out on the road towards Wee Jasper, but as that is outside the ACT, my painting stops here.

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