Sewage Works, Lower Molonglo

Sewage works, Lower Molonglo, October 2022
Mixed media on canvas
90cm x 60cm x 2cm

I’ve always been interested in Sewage Works (and other public infrastructure). It comes from spending too many years in a previous life around landfills and Council Engineering Departments.
Essential places that are often down below or on the fringe of something, hidden from view and quite unloved.  These places (and others like them for example gaols, refugee processing centres and town camps) are places that we don’t like to think about. Uncomfortable reminders of our impact on the environment, consumerism and literally, human waste. You don’t want to live too close…..
While, technically, nothing to do with Trig Points, I’ve often ridden down to this Sewage Works (it’s down the end of a hilly and quiet road). On this occasion, I was on an aborted Trig Point journey where I ended up in Woodstock Reserve. The Reserve had a great view of the Sewage Works and given the proximity to Ginninderry, I decided to include it in the exhibition.

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