Out to Pasture

Out to pasture, February 2023
Mixed media on Canvas,
100cm x 75cm x 4cm
NFS (yet)

I’ve noticed that people have mixed reactions to caravans, specifically the idea of caravans.  Many people love a caravan and associate a van with freedom, travel, wonderful childhood holidays and alike. Some people (like me) have the opposite reaction. I associate caravans with sardine cans, sketchy back blocks in the middle of nowhere, meth labs (thanks for that Breaking Bad) and unhappy childhood holidays (my sister has a disability and being packed into a caravan for a wet weekend made a complex family situation more so). To some a caravan is a dream come true, to others a symbol of lost dreams or more recently, lost homes or homelessness. So when I came across these vans, in storage, in a paddock, at the end of a road, becoming part of nature, that’s what I thought of. However, I tried to make my depiction of the vans more neutral, given that, as I said, some people would love to be out to pasture in a caravan.  

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