Skeletal Trees, Mount Gingera

Slopes of Mt Gingera, Bimberi Wilderness area, February 2023
Oil on canvas
75cm x 100 cm x 4cm
Not currently for sale

This image is from one from my Trig point series. It’s a great walk to Mount Gingera where there is a unique ecosystem. The landscape depicted in this painting initially looks quite beautiful: the colours are glorious and there’s a vibrancy in the viridescent tones of regrowth; the granite rocks contrast so nicely with the tree branches in terms of form and texture. However, clearly visible in this area is the significant devastation caused by the 2020 bushfires. The skeletal remains of the burnt trees are also a little disquieting, a reminder of that recent trauma as well as a signifier of climate change and our ever-present collective impact on the environment.

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